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[Discussion] iPhone silicone case warranty voided because of jailbroken iPhone

April 16, 2017 /u/KWTD 0

Hey I had this funny encounter when I was with my mother at Apple Store in Germany.

She bought herself couple months ago an iPhone 7 with ios 10.1.1 I told her about jailbreak and she decided to give it a try and she absolutely loved it. She also bought a pink silicone case along with an iPhone. A week or so ago we went there again cause that silicone case is garbage tbh it was torn apart in some places and she wanted to return it or whatever. As she was taking the case off an iPhone she accidentally pressed the sleep/wake button and the screen which could never look like that on an normal limited iPhone showed up. When the employee (which turned out to be a manager) saw it, he got very mad and frustrated. He was like what did you do to this phone? This is hacking apple! I thought he wasn’t serious I mean whats the deal whatever we ain’t here for an iPhone which works perfectly fine, just the case which is destroyed after normal usage. He then said that warranty is voided because I “hacked” my mom’s phone which also applies to every product bought along with an iPhone and in that case its the well the iphone silicone case. That was really funny I couldn’t stand how insane that man was. We fought with him for another couple of minutes, but then decided to stop, there was no point. I mean 30€ ain’t that much and it wasn’t worth the effort. Just before we said a very “nice” goodbye to the man I pulled out of my pocket an iPhone 6 plus with ios 8.3 totally jailbroken and hardcore modified lock screen, waved at his face and smiled.

We didn’t take any legal action and we forgot about that situation, just wanted to share it with you guys.

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[Request] Haptic Feedback for GBoard

April 16, 2017 /u/Cuancena 0

I love GBoard for its perfect implementation of swipe typing, but after using tweaks to gain haptic feedback in the stock iOS keyboard, I cannot use GBoard for normal, non-swipe typing anymore. It would be a dream-come-true if someone could get a haptic feedback tweak working with GBoard!

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[Request] Move photos to albums for iOS 10?

April 16, 2017 /u/Aschmigel 0

In stock iOS you have all your photos in your camera roll. You can add photos to albums but they stay in the camera roll. I’m looking for a tweak that basically adds the option to move photos to an album instead of adding it. Moving just means that after you move it it will show up in the album but not in the camera roll.

PhotoAlbums+ has this feature but it doesn’t work on iOS 10.2. I’ve been waiting for the dev to update it since the 10.2 jailbreak was released but after this long I’m assuming it’s not going to be updated.

I don’t know how difficult making a tweak that does this would be but I haven’t been able to find any tweak that does this. This has been my most wanted feature in iOS for years and I can’t believe that Apple hasn’t added it yet.

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