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Notification hell? Here’s how to set up and use scheduled digest on YouTube.

May 17, 2018 Christian Zibreg 0

YouTube scheduled digest will stop all the separate alerts that are delivered to your phone throughout the day. Instead, what you get is a single digest that contains your notifications from the past day. Here’s how to set up and customize this tremendously helpful feature.

remind you when it’s time to take a break from binge-watching, as part of Google’s focus on your digital well-being. Here’s how to set up your YouTube break time.

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How to watch YouTube in HDR

May 11, 2018 Christian Zibreg 0

High dynamic range video offers a broader range of color and luminance provided your device has an HDR-capable screen. iDownloadBlog invites you to peruse this handy tutorial with step-by-step instructions on watching YouTube’s HDR content on your Apple devices.

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How to avoid the Amazon Prime price hike this week

May 9, 2018 Cody Lee 0

As most of you are probably aware of by now, Amazon Prime is going up in price this week. On Friday, Amazon is raising the subscription price of its popular Prime service from $99/year to $119/year. That’s not a huge bump, but for those wondering how to avoid the hike, iDB has you covered.

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How to increase text size on iPhone and iPad

May 7, 2018 Christian Zibreg 0

A recent study by a software developer found that one out of each five sampled iPhone users prefers large text in their favorite apps. Don’t worry, Apple has you covered! Here’s how you can change the size of the system fonts used in Mail, Phone, Notes and other apps.