[Meta] June Banner Contest – Voting

Hey jailbreakers!

The submission period for June is over. Thank you to everybody who made a banner!

Ok, wow. We received a whopping 21 submissions! Take a look a them below:


I have also compiled each submission into an album of mockups of how each banner would look on the subreddit, found here:

Album of banner mockups


Revamped voting system

Due to the volume of submissions, we felt it would be unfair to each submitter to throw every banner into a single form and have users select a single favorite. So, we needed to figure out a fair way to divide up the submissions into groups so that each banner has a better chance.

Here is the system for this month’s voting period:

  1. All 21 banners have been divided up into three divisions: Eastern, Central, and Western. Each division has seven banners.
  2. Users will vote for three favorites within each division, for a total of nine selections.
  3. The top nine favorites overall will make their way to the Finals, where users will once again be able to vote for their three favorite options. The banner with the most votes will be crowned champion.


What if there’s a tie?

In the event of a tie, a snap vote will be called, pitting the tied banners against each other. This vote will last exactly 24 hours, and users will vote on one banner to break the tie!


But what if THAT vote ends in a tie?

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


Also, (AFAIK) Google Forms doesn’t have the ability to require a specific amount of votes for a multiple-choice poll (i.e. exactly 3 votes out of 7 options), so we’ve created this month’s survey on SurveyHero.


Vote for this month's banner here!


Voting will be open until June 19th, after which the winners will move on to the Finals. Good luck!

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