[Discussion] I somewhat found a way to make VFS more reliable.

So I have been working with GeoSn0w on a UI for Osiris. My UI is broken and I attempted to export the compiled code as an archive and then downloading and signing it with Cydia Impactor. This app shows up but once loaded in it is just a white screen. This version of Osiris uses the multi_path exploit.

I also have been trying to get Houdini to work to no avail. Today I was showing my girlfriend that everything I tried to install without coming straight from XCode was broken. I opened up my broken Osiris app and it sat for maybe 5 seconds before went to the homescreen and into houdini. Mind you before this I never got houdini with VFS to run. This time i ran it and it went through and worked! This was the first time it worked.

I wanted to attempt to run it again so when i pressed on block updates it kernel panicked and rebooted. I then closed out of Osiris and Houdini in the switcher and did the same process. And to my surprise it worked again! I have repeated this process 15 times and it has worked 12 out of 15! For a 30% success rate that is a lot! Here is a video of the process to help you imagine it more. https://twitter.com/auxiliumdev/status/1007392743520460800?s=21.

For some reason opening the multi pathed based osiris that is broken in the UI allows houdini to run. Either way ill keep looking into this!!

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