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[Help] nsurlsession draining battery

April 30, 2018 /u/slxughter 0

This is draining my battery using 50%+ of cpu with the reddit app deleted and all of my tweaks disabled inside of icleaner. Could someone help me out? submitted by /u/slxughter [link] [comments]

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April 30, 2018 /u/DirtTrash 0

Gotta love the one’s that start with the title…”I’m and Idiot”.

Anyway, I finally decided to pull the trigger and JB’n my iPad Pro 12.9(1st gen), two months ago. Using Meridian I attempted and was never able to get Cydia to work, for obvious reasons everyone else was having. Well, like an IDIOT yesterday I did an erase all content and settings. Ummmmmm, yeah. Leave the comments at the door as I already recognize my bone-head move.

So ultimately I looked today and noticed “doubleH3lix”. I used that tool and it installed Cydia. But now I am getting “DPKG_LOCKED” when attempting to update Cydia, after initial launch. And i’m pretty certain this was all brought on by me using erase all content and settings.

If someone can please help as I am not wanting to upgrade, obviously. I have been doing research all day and am unable to find anything specific for my issue. It IS currently JB’n with doubleH3lix, just not getting Cydia to work.

iPad Pro 12.9 (gen1) 10.3.3

submitted by /u/DirtTrash
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[Question] [Request] Android Emulator

April 30, 2018 /u/SuddenStrike4 0

Is it possible/does anyone know of any tweak that has an android emulator essentially on your iPhone? I have a game save on android and can’t transfer it onto my iPhone. I can’t find any good emulators that don’t require hyper v or virtualisation due t…