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[Help] I destroyed my self

June 20, 2018 /u/kaancl3344 0

I was downloading some apps from 25pp and i saw there are some options on 25pp then i pressed some of them to see what it does i dont even know what are they (maybe one of you guys know) after i clicked that thing my phone restarted and after that it n…

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Microsoft launches rebranded news app on iOS

June 20, 2018 Cody Lee 0

Microsoft today launched a rebranded Microsoft News app for iOS and Android. The company is also using the name for its engine that powers the popular site, as well as the news in their Edge browser, Windows 10, Skype, Xbox and

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[TIP] Find ECID and serial of your device without iTunes, jailbreak, or even the device itself.

June 20, 2018 /u/sfstudent 0

Note: This is only necessary if you can’t just use iTunes or a Cydia package to find your ECID. Those are easier ways. But if those methods don’t work for you, this will work as long as you have a computer that had the device (in DFU or Recovery Mode) plugged in at some point in it’s past. Example: You’re trying to find the serial number or ECID of a stolen iPhone.

Windows keeps a record of all the USB devices you plug into your computer. So if you’ve ever restored your phone using your computer, Windows saved the device info for your phone. This info is probably also saved somewhere on macOS, but I’m not sure where.

  1. Download USBDeview (
  2. Look for your device in the list
  3. Right click, choose properties
  4. Your ECID is a part of the “Instance ID” field (along with some other info). Copy the whole thing and then paste it into any text field and remove the parts you don’t want.

Here’s an example of what is saved, with all the data for my device changed to asterisks because I’m not completely sure if it’s safe to share online.


The values are separated like this: NAME:VALUE_. So if you want your ECID, take all the characters after ECID: and before the first _.

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