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[Question] Any Way to Remap Volume Buttons on iOS11?

May 27, 2018 /u/April81967 0

Is there any tweak yet that lets you modify what the volume buttons do on an iPhone X? That’s the main feature of activator I was waiting for, but it looks like Activator itself is unlikely to get updated since IIRC that dev was waiting on Saurik to update mobilesubstrate, which will happen “soon” (i.e. never).

Also is there any anchor equivalent? I’m still using iEmpty which is cool, but it’d be nice to have a real anchor so that I could change my wallpaper without having to spend 30 minutes redoing everything with iEmpty. I saw anchor::raw was at 0.99 and “ready for release tomorrow” which was posted… April 6, so I guess that developer also caught the Saurik disease.

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[REQUEST] Auto-sort folders and apps inside any folder

May 27, 2018 /u/Chill-- 0

Seems like there is no iOS 10-11 tweak that does this, or at least I didn’t find it. Would be great if there will be a tweak that’ll sort apps inside a folder the way of our chosing. For example: 1: By usage (most used app takes the top left place inside the folder, 2nd most used next to that, etc). 2: Alphabetical. 3: By tint (dark icon -> light icon or vice versa) (would only apply to apps inside the folder I guess)

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[Update] A small update on NoHomeBanners.

May 27, 2018 /u/thecoderkiller 0

NoHomeBanners is a tweak i release yesterday that blocks the open in app banners on safari. This tweak however only blocks native apple banners that the website has requested. This means websites like ebay need javascripting in order to automatically …